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Colour Me Happy: Q&A With Our Number One Head Buyer

20 Oct, 2020

This season is all about bright pops of pastel and fun, affordable fashion. Colour yourself happy with fresh new flavours and new number one trends.

With our spring/summer launch in full swing, we got the inside scoop from our number one Head Buyer, Selina, to see what makes her tick and what went into this super fun new season range.

1. Apart from shoes (obviously), what makes you happy?

“Piha life with my husband. Auckland’s West Coast beaches are a beautiful spot to call home.”

2. What’s your favourite colour of the season?

“Lilac! It’s so new and fresh, and we haven’t seen this shade around for years.

I especially love our lilac Laks heels.”

3. Where did the delicious Sakura colour names come from?

“We like to have a bit of fun with Sakura, and carried on the food theme from last year. So, the ‘sweets’ theme of Jellybean, Gumdrop, Bubblegum and Marshmallow (seen here in our Sakura Fifty Nines) seemed to fit perfectly. Plus, who doesn’t love a treat!”

4. How do you choose the spring/summer trends?

“We’re always keeping an eye on overseas trends to see what’s up and coming, what’s doing well and what’s not. But whatever we do, we always put a Kiwi spin on it! Just like our Grammy heels, with a hint of ‘jandal styling’.”

5. You’ve got a busy weekend, what shoes are you chucking on?

“It would either be my Sakura Salento sneakers (which I’ve thrashed), or I would go for a chunky sandal, like Tokyo, for a more summery vibe.”

6. You’ve got a friend’s birthday dinner, what heels are you wearing?

I have my eye on a few pairs.... The Barely There trend would be my go to, or anything croc. Our Twilight heels are the ideal combo.”

7. If you HAD to choose, what would be your number one
new season style?

“Roller Skates are extremely popular! If I am feeling brave enough, I will give these a go, and maybe convince my niece, Jade, to join me.”

8. What future trends can we expect to see?

“We have almost finished ranging for next winter and I’m really looking forward to the chunky boots (chunky like you’ve never seen before). Until then, it’s pops of pastel, strappy sandals, espadrilles and a whole lot of other spring/summer styles that I’m super excited to wear.”

Thanks Selina! We can’t wait to see what else this season has in store.

As always, you can expect a choice range of new season fashion at sweet as prices. Shop all of these number one styles, in store and online, with even more on the way.