Gumboot Friday


27 Oct, 2021

I AM HOPE is an incredible organisation whose mission is to promote positive change around the way mental health is viewed and treated in New Zealand. They fund private care and counselling for young people who are “stuck in the mud” on waiting lists, and offer them hope and a voice.

One of the many initiatives to achieve this, is Gumboot Friday. Why gumboots? Because for those with depression, it’s like walking through mud every day. Gumboot Friday is a chance to show your support by chucking on your gummies and joining the conversation. It’s a fun way for Kiwis to get involved, while raising money to provide FREE counselling for any young person in need.

How We Are Getting Involved

We are promoting Gumboot Friday throughout our stores and across our site, as well as making a donation to the worthy cause.

*COMPETITION CLOSED* We ran an online scavenger hunt, hiding 5 “I AM HOPE” badges across our Supersite. 4 winners will be randomly selected from those who found them all - winning themselves a pair of gumboots! To find out who won and where the clues were hiding, CLICK HERE.


How You Can Get Involved

Text "BOOTS" to 469 to make a $3 donation.

Get your organisation or business involved. REGISTER HERE.

Wear your gumboots to walk a day in their shoes and show your support.

If you are struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out and utilise these incredible services. LEARN MORE.

To learn more about Gumboot Friday, CLICK HERE.