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Lockdown Survival Guide

31 Mar, 2020

If you’re a Bear Grylls fan, then you’ve come to the wrong place. This survival guide is more about foraging for things to do than foraging for supplies on a deserted island (although it sure can feel that way at times).
Below are a few hot and handy tips to keep you sane and busy during the lockdown.

1. Free to be thankful

If you think it’s cheesy, then you haven’t tried it. Starting with this simple task will put you on the front foot for the day. Whether you’re thankful for your health, the weather or even the stocked fridge,
make a mental note or share it with your bubble buddies.

2. Free to workout

Find a workout you enjoy, and no, working out which snack to have next doesn’t count… It could be as simple as a walk to stretch the legs and clear the mind, or since you’re already online, why not try one of those Apps or YouTube workouts that keep clogging your feed.

3.Free to tidy

I know, I know… It’s not the favourite tip but it sure is satisfying. Take the pantry for example; do you even know what’s hiding down the back?

Tidying up could even save you a trip to the supermarket.

If the pantry is looking spick and span, maybe try turning your attention to your wardrobe. You know, that cupboard full of clothes where only a few favourite items get worn…

Time to find out what you’ve really got, and who knows, you might find those odd socks that you blamed the washing machine for.

4. Free to learn

Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to become fluent in another language (although that would be VERY impressive). We’re thinking more along the lines of learning to do a new hair style or learning to cook a new meal.

The more achievable, the better – we’re all about ticking off that list!

5. Free to binge

I’m not talking about a chocolate bikkie binge (sorry), I’m talking about getting through that growing list of Netflix recommendations. There’s never going to be a better chance to catch up on 3 seasons of Stranger Things or laugh at the all too relatable, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

6. Free to (virtual) party

At the risk of sounding like a boomer, technology is pretty impressive these days. A simple FaceTime, Messenger or most recently, Houseparty video call, and it’s like having all your favourite people in one room again. Well, it’s the next best thing, and it’s the safest way to break out of your bubble.

So raise a glass and blast the same tunes! Before quickly getting fed up with a 5-way convo, that is.

7. Free to create routine

For the sake of your sanity, try and maintain some kind of routine. Whether that’s getting up early to do some exercise, or rolling out of bed and into your dressing gown just in time for brunch. Although, I would recommend trying option one every now and again if you can.

8. Free to (online) window shop

Saving your pennies during this uncertain time is probably top of the list, we get it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream up your ultimate wishlist. Make a mood board, a Pinterest and start window-shopping online for when freedom finally arrives. You deserve it! Oh, and Number One Shoes is always a great place to start…