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Hiking Shoes For Women

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  • Trek Women's Hiking Shoes

    The comfortable Trek Hiker Shoe is the perfect shoe for your hiking adventures. A durable, performance sports shoe, it comes with a low profile design, secure closure and inner padding to guarantee comfort.

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  • Abel Hiking Shoes - Women's

    The Abel Hike Sports Shoes are a lace-up hiking boot with robust outersole and padded collar for extra comfort.

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    $59.99 $50.00
    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
  • Sfida Trek Hiking Shoes

    The Sfida Trek Hiking Shoes feature a thick durable sole perfect for almost any environment as well as a mesh upper for breathability.

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    $69.99 $50.00
    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
  • Spalding Alta Hiking Shoes - Women's

    The Spalding Alta are a versatile and durable hiking shoe perfect for both running and walking. Features a breathable upper.

    $79.99 $45.00
    Or 6 payments of $7.50 with
  • Traispe Hiking Boots

    The women's Traispe Hiking Boots are performance shoes made for long distance walks and treks. Offering a secure, supportive fit, they have laces that tie securely at the ankle. A sturdy grip sole makes for firm footing, while inner padding and cushioning provides a comfortable fit.

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    $59.99 $50.00
    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
  • Colorado Hiker Boots

    Get active with the Colorado Hiker Boots. Made for walkers who mean business, these technical hiking shoes offer a secure, supportive fit and performance grip sole. Finished with a pop of colour, these are ticking all the boxes.

    $69.99 $50.00
    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
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