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  • Alvin Mens Lace Up Boot

    The Alvin Lace Up Boots are a casual lace-up shoe, featuring a flat sole and an almond-shaped toe.

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    $39.99 $29.99
    Or 6 payments of $4.99 with
  • Dress Belt - Men's

    The Dress Belt for Men is a slick design with no stitching and silver buckle.

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    $19.99 $12.00
    Or 6 payments of $2.00 with
  • Smith Ankle Boots - Men's

    The Smith Ankle Boots for Men feature an elongated toe, convenient side zip and a slight heel.

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    $69.99 $40.00
    Or 6 payments of $6.66 with
  • Slip On Canvas Shoes Mens

    The classic slip-on canvas shoe for all seasons. These men's canvas shoes have a durable rubber sole and are a great choice for the weekend. Wear with rolled up jeans or chinos for a great casual look.

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    $29.99 $15.00
    Or 6 payments of $2.50 with
  • Epic Sneakers

    The Epic Sneakers don't disapoint. Like the name suggest, these mens' sneakers are a sport inspired style with a thick grip outsole and slip on design. Sleek black, they're the perfect casual kicks for everyday wear.

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    $69.99 $59.99
    Or 6 payments of $9.99 with
  • BATA GAMMA - Mens'

    Bata Gamma – Built to last, meet NZ and AU Safety Standards and are made from high quality materials to provide safety, strength, comfort and durability the Bata Gamma safety boots are the boots to get the job done.

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    Or 6 payments of $21.66 with
  • Bondi Aqua Socks - Mens

    A comfortable and breathable design is made secure with a velcro strap and toggle fasten. Ideal footwear for wet to dry protection.

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    Or 6 payments of $3.33 with
  • Reno Slip On Men's Sneakers

    Keep your feet in the comfort and style they deserve with the Reno Slip On Men's Sneakers from Elroy. These street shoes are perfect for taking on the day with, featuring a double elastic gusset skate boot shape and contrast stitching.

    Or 6 payments of $11.66 with
  • Sfida Jolt Sports Sneakers

    Made with a hyperlite construction and supportive sports fit, the Sfida Jolt Sneakers are a classic men's running shoe. Cushioning at the heel and a grip sole complete the performance style.

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    Or 6 payments of $11.66 with
  • Sfida Ascend Sport Shoes - Mens

    The Sfida Ascend Men are a cool sneaker with a comfortable knit upper and a thick sole for added stability.

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    Or 6 payments of $9.99 with
  • Bata Diode Steel Toe Safety Boots

    When it comes to safety in the workplace, the Bata Diode Safety Boots have got you covered. Made from a suede/mesh upper and featuring a slip, acid and oil resistant sole, these boots offer superior foot protection on the job with a 200J impact resistant steel toe and the comfort of a latex footbed…

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    Or 6 payments of $16.66 with
  • Prelim Sneakers

    Viper's Prelim Sneakers have a light, sock-style upper that'll move with you as you put them through their paces. This men's sports shoe is perfect for looking good while being active, featuring a sports sole and a handy pull tab to the heel for easy on/off action.

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    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
  • Mambo Men's Pool Slides

    Slide into seasonal style with the Mambo Men's Pool Slides, a brilliant pair of casual shoes perfect for keeping your feet cool and comfortable at all times. With a padded upper and a moulded footbed, these blacked-out sandals are the ultimate must-have pair.

    Or 6 payments of $4.99 with
  • Baldolf Dress Shoes

    An easy to wear slip on, this men’s dress shoe runs to a size 14L.

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    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
  • Manly Aqua Socks - Mens

    The Manly Aqua are a versatile Aqua sock, ideal for both wet and dry protection and a large amount of activities. The toggle allows for a secure fit.

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    $19.99 $9.00
    Or 6 payments of $1.50 with
  • Spalding Spike Sports Shoes - Men's

    The Spalding Spike is a lace up casual sports shoe with prime knit upper and padded collar.

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    $69.99 $34.99
    Or 6 payments of $5.83 with
  • Uncut Owen Lace Up

    The Owen Lace Up are a classic men's low cut lace up sneaker. Features a round toe and padded heel.

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    $49.99 $25.00
    Or 6 payments of $4.16 with
  • Elroy Rory

    The Elroy Rory are a men's casual lace up sneaker with a thick sole and branding on the tongue and heel.

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    $69.99 $35.00
    Or 6 payments of $5.83 with
  • HUGO CHUKKA - Mens'

    The Hugo Chukka is a lace-up style dress boot with a thick sole for durability, perfect for those wet winter months.

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    $69.99 $35.00
    Or 6 payments of $5.83 with
  • Harley Dress Shoes - Men's

    The Harley Dress Shoes for Men are a lace-up design with a long toe and subtle eyelet holes.

    $59.99 $49.99
    Or 6 payments of $8.33 with
  • Alvaro Casual Shoes

    Smart enough to wear with chinos or dress jeans but casual enough to be comfortable during the busiest day. This men’s casual shoe features a comfortable sole that moulds to feet.

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    $49.99 $39.99
    Or 6 payments of $6.66 with
  • Quiva Scuffs - Adults

    The ultimate beach sandal this Quiva Clog protects feet. Punctuated with holes to let water drain, wear to the beach, on the boat or around the property when doing tasks.

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    Or 6 payments of $3.33 with
  • Dolcis Clemence Dress Sandals

    The Dolcis Clemence Dress Sandals are an open style with straps across the toes, along the vamp and around the ankle with buckle fastening and metal embellishments.

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    $59.99 $29.99
    Or 6 payments of $4.99 with
  • Henry Sandal

    The Henry Sandals are a men's cross trekker sandal with velcro straps for added security.

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    Or 6 payments of $9.99 with
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