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Pj Masks

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  • PJ Masks Toddler Sneakers

    With light up soles and PJ Masks design this shoe will absolutely be your Toddlers favourite Sneakers this season. It also features a fastening strap and strong, comfortable sole to last the distance.

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    $39.99 $20.00
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  • PJ Masks Toddler Sports Shoes

    Be a hero in these superhero PJ Masks Toddler Sports Shoes. With grip fastening straps and a detailed design, these infant boys' sports shoes will have any young boy's up to speed and looking super.

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    $39.99 $20.00
    Or 6 payments of $3.33 with
  • PJ Masks Toddler Slipper Boots

    Be a hero before bedtime in the plush PJ Masks Slipper boots. With a bright red stripe, navy lower, and a PJ Masks print upper featuring your favourite heros, these are a great option to keep your little ones feet cozy.

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  • PJ Toddler Gumboots

    The PJ Mask Gumboots for Toddlers are a blue patterned slip-on waterproof boot with a PJ mask graphic.

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    Or 6 payments of $4.99 with
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