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Unicorn Slippers

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  • Snuffles Toddler Slipper Scuffs

    These cute and funky Snuffles Toddler Slipper Scuffs are unicorn-inspired slippers are as plush and playful as can be! They're soft and comfy, making it easy to slip into, and the perfect slippers for shuffling around in on those cold nights and chilly mornings.

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  • My Little Pony 3D Slipper-Girls'

    The My Little Pony slippers are a soft and fun design that make it seem as if you have a unicorn on your feet!

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  • Munchkin Girls' Slipper Scuffs

    Featuring a centre front unicorn stamp, the Munchkin Girls' Slippers are set to be a winter favourite for little girls all round. A warm, bouncy footbed, soft construction and easy slip on design complete this kids' style.

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  • Stars Toddler Slipper Boots

    Both cute and comfortable, the Stars Slipper Boots are Toddler's slippers with a warm, fluffy construction and side zip. Easy to slip on and off, and complete with a unicorn embroidered at the toe.

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