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Heelys are a crowd favourite among Kiwi kids who like to skate, combining a good quality kids’ shoe with hours of entertainment, all for a wheely good price!

Children’s Heelys

Number One Shoes stocks a vast range of Heelys shoes for boys and girls offer fun designs full of colour, including pops of pink and even featuring some of their favourite characters.

Buy Heelys in NZ

Browse and buy our Heelys right here online or shop in store across NZ. Please note, Heelys are in US sizing - please refer to the US sizing chart when looking at the size guide.

How do Heelys Work?

Heelys have a wheel in the heel, allowing the wearer to transition from regular walking to rolling instantaneously!

How to skate on Heelys

Simply lean back so your weight is on your heels, and the wheel will touch the ground allowing you to begin rolling!