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Boredom Busters

16 Apr, 2020

Being confined to the same four walls for a long period of time will break down the best of us.
But before you start vacuuming for the 4th time today or napping for the 5th, take a look at these awesome boredom buster ideas to keep you and the kids entertained. There’s even a chance to win a pair of roller skates!

1. Colouring Competition

An oldie but a goody, and no, this one isn’t just for kids. Download and print our Roller Skates illustration, by clicking here and get colouring! Send in your entries to by midnight Sunday 26/04/2020 and you could win yourself a pair of our Gallaz roller skates! Click here for full T&Cs.

2. Homemade Go-Karts

A great one for the kids! All you need are everyday household items and an open mind. This should keep them occupied for a while…

3. Virtual Games

Thanks to this wonderful thing we call technology, keeping in contact is super easy. Spice up your next video chat by turning it into a games night. Play bingo, organise a quiz or an at-home scavenger hunt,
you can virtually do anything!

4. Sneaker Refresh

How many times have you looked at your white sneakers (or any shoes for that matter) and thought, “I should give those a clean”? Now is the perfect time. Or, if they’re on their way out, give your old kicks a DIY glow up.
Check out this cool and creative idea from Stuff to transform your white sneakers into fun, floral footwear.

5. Indoor Mini Golf

A great game when bunkered down. What you need: a small ball, a mug and your club of choice. Design your indoor putting course around your home, placing the mug on it’s side at the end of each hole. This one definitely requires adult supervision...